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Text Box: Aquadyne, a leader in designing and manufacturing water quality management systems, understands and applies latest technologies to our custom design electronic solutions. Visit "Engineering Services".

Our website contains a wealth of information for consultants, resellers, system integrators, OEMs, and end-users.  Anyone whose business or professional interest involves the continuous monitoring of water quality can benefit from our products and engineering services.

Aquadyne develops software and hardware for monitoring, alarming, and controlling water quality using a network of distributed instruments. Our success can be attributed to many years of experience living through the early days of the computer industry marketing leading edge products to well-known multinational corporations.

Innovative ideas form the foundation of our designs.  Aquadyne engineers are not constrained by the legacy of older product lines or even conventional design methods. Instead, we use the latest development tools and understand and apply the latest technologies. We also have an understanding of manufacturing and project management constraints.

Our products are low-cost, user-friendly, scaleable, and field upgradeable.  These are important details if the goal is to offer a product that can be used by professionals and ordinary people alike.  Over ten years and an investment of thousands of man-hours later, we are proud to have shipped over 9,000 of our own systems to hundreds of customers all over the world.

AquaWebtm II for Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT allows our customers to manage a network of monitoring and control instruments. AquaWebtm II is a PC-based network management system that supports the centralized management of one, a few, or a few-thousand Aquadyne controllers over any telephone or IP network.




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